Indeed, despite the fact that we have a roll, it has a connection from the entire end of the roll. The capacitor in the datasheet is not declared as inductive, let’s see what is in reality: Indeed, when exiting the external flame, the shell immediately dies out: Previous: The Inside World of Green Film Capacitors CL11 (PEI) was dedicated to low-cost inductive film capacitors with PET film and foil as the covers. This is a continuation of a series of disassemblies of electronic components, the purpose of which is to understand the design of the component, how it can affect its properties and the compliance of the design with the datasheet.

The inner world of CBB81 polypropylene film capacitors.

This reduces the inductive component of the capacitor, in contrast to the option of connecting to the plates at one point, as was the case with the capacitor from the previous review. Translation: High Voltage Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor. CBB81 High Voltage Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor We also have a self-extinguishing coating (Extended foil, flame retardant epoxy coated) in our datasheet: This time we will study the metallized film polypropylene high-voltage capacitor CBB81. According to the datasheet, this is: His device turned out to be much more interesting than the previous one…

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