Skoda tips

Skoda 100

Skoda 100 is a real retro car, the model has not been produced since 1976. I got into my collection of cars by chance, which I am very pleased with. Skoda 100 for me greetings from the seventies of the last century. Design.

Skoda 105

My Skoda 105, of course, is an old car, made in 1985, but as for a small car oriented to city conditions, it is very practical. Salon convenient, comfortable, good control panel. Volume

Skoda 110

Sporty Skoda 110 in a coupe body is an interesting decision of the automaker. When I bought it, they told me that the Skoda 110 was produced as a cheap analogue of Porsche. Engine capacity 1.1 liter, location.

Skoda 120

I have a 1983 Skoda 120. The design, of course, is primitive, especially in comparison with newer models, but on the other hand, I accelerated it to 120-130 km per hour on a 1.2-liter engine (4 cylinders). Power

Skoda 130

I have a 1985 Skoda 130 sedan, a bit old according to the data sheet, but young in engine. She has 59 horses, you can easily accelerate to 140 km, but still a little dumb. The volume of the engine is 1.3 liters, and ra.

Skoda Fabia

With my height of 192 cm, you can’t fit into every car. This played an important role when choosing our new family car. After 4 years of driving a Fiat-Uno in a Skoda Fabia, I sat down freely and easily and.

Skoda Fabia Combi

Great car for the money. Excellent dynamics, reasonable consumption. For a young family and permanent work – a great option. Soundproofing is a bit lacking, but it’s a matter of habit. Also boring in.

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