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FreshBooks Review 2022

what is freshbooks

If you want to rearrange lines on an invoice, you drag and drop them into place. The Plus plan is $7.50 per month, which lets you bill up to 50 clients.

  • With the Lite plan you can only manage and invoice 5 clients, which is very limited for most businesses.
  • FreshBooks gives you everything you need to spend less time, money and stress on your bookkeeping.
  • FreshBooks takes billing out of your hands and puts it on autopilot.
  • FreshBooks offers more than 70 unique integrations allowing you to use multiple platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Google Workspace , Stripe, HubSpot, and a lot more.
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  • Know your status and continue to scale your business like the boss you are.

QuickBooks Online has a limit of five users in its most popular Plus plan, but it doesn’t limit the number of clients in any plan. FreshBooks started out primarily as a way to manage invoices and grew to become an accounting product. The Toronto-based company’s product is now used in more than 160 countries. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. Whether you enter an expense manually or edit one you’ve imported, you can add or modify a lot of detail. The five most recently updated expenses appear at the top of the Expenses screen. Individual expense records, which appear in a list below, contain fields for the vendor, category, date, source, client/project/description, and amount/tax/status.

Intuit QuickBooks Self

Otherwise, you’ll have to enter payroll as an expense, and bill it by categorizing the employee’s service as a product. It’s not the most efficient way to track employee time, so you’ll likely need to look into other payroll or time clock software to go along with this. However, you can use a QuickBooks app to add this function – TSheets time tracking. It offers additional features like accurate employee timesheets, paper timesheets (real-time work-check), and mobile access.

Invoices can be saved as drafts, or you can email them immediately to your clients. The invoice includes a link to FreshBooks Payments, where they can pay by credit card or by ACH transfer, which means a quicker turnaround time and less time spent hounding clients for payment. If you’re self-employed, FreshBooks was created to give you an easy way to track income and expenses. It has four plans available, ranging from the Lite plan, which is perfect for sole proprietors and startups, to the Select plan, which is better suited for larger businesses with more clients. FreshBooks has a time tracking feature, which was recently redesigned, thereby making the software prioritize your tasks for you. It also allows for total transparency for all of your operations, an improved search filter, multi-currency expenses as well as invoice conversations. You will enjoy a friendly and easy to use interface, where your invoices can be customized.

  • FreshBooks tracks every dollar in and out of your business so you can run reports, view payments, and profitability.
  • FreshBooks’ design is exceptional, and its navigation tools are intuitive.
  • Sage 50cloud’s Cash Flow Manager tool is a helpful feature for people who want to better understand how future transactions could impact their business.
  • However, some online payment features are still available during your trial, so you can still craft time-saving workflows.
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FreshBooks and QuickBooks are two of the most well-known accounting software on the market. Compared with other accounting software tools, this section is somewhat thin, but again, if you’re a small service-based business, it’s likely sufficient. This section is basic, though will be detailed enough for most small businesses to track the time they’ve spent on client projects. It’s helpful that you can generate invoices and send them directly from this section— this reduces the time you’ll spend navigating through different sections of the tool. FreshBooks is an accounting software that’s designed for small businesses with up to 50 employees. Because of the easy-to-navigate interface, FreshBooks is accessible to those who have little knowledge of or experience with accounting. We recommend FreshBooks for freelancers who are just starting out and need a quick-to-implement, intuitive invoicing and accounting tool.

FreshBooks Integrations & Add

QuickBooks is one of the most well-known accounting platforms on the market and part of the Intuit product family founded in 1983. Read on for our summary of FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks and work out which accounting tool is best for you. FreshBooks has always charged in USD, but we do understand that this can be a challenge for our Canadian customers.

  • McDerment incorporated a second company, BillSpring in January 2015 to work on new product development.
  • The tool also lets you adjust the time frame to see how your business has changed over time.
  • The Accounting Software from Freshbooks empowers business owners like you to spend less time on bookkeeping and more time doing what you love.
  • It’s important for businesses to look professional and provide the best service to their clients.
  • If they choose this option, the card will be charged within moments of receiving the invoice.
  • That said, it does offer special expense features like receipt tracking, project time tracking, and sales tax management.

We all want to be paid for our time, but how often do you forget to write down how much time you’ve spent on a job? Using the time-tracking option, you can easily log your time for any job, or start a timer to record the time automatically. We do receive compensation from some partners whose offers appear on this page.

Were Here To Help You Make The Best Accounting Software Choice

It reduces the time you spend billing so you can get down to business. It tracks your time and accepts payment from 12 different gateways. FreshBooks is a refreshingly easy-to-use, fun and approachable cloud accounting solution that makes managing small biz finances simple and straightforward. Designed with a non-accountant in mind, easily create and send invoices, automatically import expenses and accept payments online, all from your phone or the web. Send invoices, track time, manage receipts, expenses, and accept credit cards.

what is freshbooks

While very few accounting programs have a built-in fixed asset manager, most at least allow you to record the purchase, which FreshBooks does not. If fixed assets are a big part of your business, you should consider Xero, which is a good general bookkeeping program with a solid fixed asset manager to calculate depreciation and track assets.

FreshBooks Vs QuickBooks

Read reviews from real FreshBooks users who have taken control of their business bookkeeping with the help of our easy-to-use accounting software. Did you know that you can find all of theaccounting featuresyou need all in one place? No need to create custom invoices from scratch.FreshBookshas ready-made invoice templates tailored to your profession and needs. Plus, accepting payment online is very secure and your clients will appreciate you being tech-savvy. During your trial, you get access to all FreshBooks features except for Advanced Payments, so you know exactly how easy it is to use. However, some online payment features are still available during your trial, so you can still craft time-saving workflows. Once you sign up for a plan, check out our Advanced Payments feature, which includes recurring billing.

what is freshbooks

New functionality since our last review includes integration with Microsoft Outlook, an Income Importer, project profitability reporting, and accounts payable tracking. FreshBooks is a cloud accounting solution designed for freelancers and small business owners. It is a simple and intuitive solution, so accounting isn’t intimidating.

Data Not Linked To You

FreshBooks also allows you to record a payment and assign it as billable to a project or contractor. You can also set up non-stock and service items within a service order and add a default price for each item, but you can’t use the item to pay independent contractors. A/P is connected to your cash flow statement and profit and loss (P&L) reports, so you can view outstanding bills instantly. FreshBooks’ weakest point is inventory management, which is extremely important for product-based businesses. If you sell products regularly, QuickBooks Online is the best choice for managing inventory. Whether you work on a regular schedule or make irregular appointments, ZipBooks is the ideal tool for tracking the time and resources you put into each.

what is freshbooks

FreshBooks is an accounting software designed for solo business owners, freelancers and sole proprietors. The software makes it easy to stay organized, keep track of payments owed and expenses made, send invoices and accept payments. Wave is a popular freemium accounting software with a clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use backend. The free plan includes accounting, invoicing and receipt scanning. It has the same features as FreshBooks, allowing you to send invoices, manage expenses, connect your bank account, and keep track of your financial health using the range of reports. We evaluated FreshBooks across 11 categories and found that its biggest strengths are project accounting, accounts payable (A/P), and accounts receivable (A/R) management.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated virtual bookkeeper who will take over your bookkeeping tasks, from reconciling your accounts to generating reports. If your business deals with inventories, you need to look for an alternative to FreshBooks. While you can set up inventory descriptions to be added to bills easily, there’s no way to track the number of items on hand, the value of stock available, or the cost of your inventory sold. Tracking your inventory costs by hand with a spreadsheet is very time-consuming and unnecessary with the right software. If your business is heavily engaged in selling products, we recommend more powerful software like Xero to avoid a spreadsheet nightmare. FreshBooks’ biggest weakness is fixed asset management, as reflected by its zero score in our case study.

  • Overall my experience with is quite good, it’s easy to use and prices are affordable.
  • You can also add payroll to any plan as an add-on, which costs between $45 + $4/employee/month to $125 + $10/employee/month depending on the functionality you need.
  • Accountants can access your dashboard, reports, invoices and expenses.
  • FreshBooks uses SSL, encryption, and firewalls to protect your data, and the company takes its duty of protecting your information seriously.
  • Many businesses have recurring invoices for customers that purchase repeat services.
  • It’s simple to use, relatively affordable and it makes it easy to stay organized.
  • Those transactions can then be assigned to a bank account when the transaction is imported via the bank connection and reconciliation performed.

If you think one accounting software is already compatible with your business but you need some further functionalities, you must also examine the add-on features that others offer. Select solutions that address your basic and additional needs, such as those that provide or handle remote access, online payments, tax, integrations with your other other business freshbooks login tools, etc. Once you send your professional invoices, your clients have a few ways to conveniently pay their bills. The two fastest options are via the FreshBooks website and app. This secure online payment platform allows your clients to pay in minutes. If you have recurring customers, they are welcome to create an account and keep a credit card on file.

If you’re still doing research, read on for a comparison of QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks. QuickBooks is a good choice for small businesses to large companies who want a powerful accounting system for managing inventories, tax preparation, and more. Additionally, if you are not good with tax preparation, you can opt for the QuickBooks Self-Employed plan. Store card information and create subscription-based billings to automatically charge all recurring services. Just start its built-in clock and your time is automatically listed on the Day sub-tab.

If Your Business Sells Products

With FreshBooks accounting software, you get a detailed breakdown of how much you have spent and where within a given time frame. Come tax season, you can save a lot of heartache because all your expenses will be online. You will know instantly which expenses are write-offs and which are reimbursed. If you need the most advanced service FreshBooks can offer, you’ll have to contact the team about the “Select” plan. To begin, FreshBooks walks you through everything you need to get started, including customizing your invoices with logos.

If you only need basic financial reporting, you should do fine with FreshBooks. As with sales and income tax, FreshBooks’s inventory management is assessed across the other categories, so we have no separate video. ZipBooks provides you with invoicing software that is crisp and easy-to-use. ZipBooks is perfect for any small business to thrive and is completely free to use. FreshBooks upgraded its onboarding process quickly and has begun to ask more questions about each user’s business, contact information, and whether they want to invite team members to the service. Once you’re done entering details, FreshBooks will drop you into the intuitive user interface.

Working With FreshBooks Support

There’s an “Accounts Payable” feature too, which means you can set up automated management of repeat purchases in your FreshBooks account, making it easier to track everything you owe over time. We’re also fans of the “credits” feature, which allows you to track prepayments, overpayments, and even credits you’d like to use to reward customers in future. The extensive accounting environment comes with a host of helpful features intended to ensure business leaders can make decisions based on valuable information they have about their company. For instance, you can track how much money you’re setting aside for tax time, and how much you owe for other things, like VAT. Links on the top right corner of the page will take you to a page where you can invite team members to join you or connect with an accountant. You’ll also have a comprehensive navigation menu for getting to various parts of the tool, like the client list, dashboard, expenses, estimates and time tracking tools. QuickBooks’ inventory features tie in with its accounting software, which means you can enter payments made to suppliers, inventory on hand, and making future orders based on inventory output.

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