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June 30, 2022
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Continuous water supply to the ultrasonic humidifier. Minireport.

I studied the market, it turns out that there are very few models of humidifiers with an upper water inlet. And for health and parquet will be grateful. Classic humidifiers with a sealed container and a bottom spout through a valve NOT REMODELED. There is nothing to discuss here. The alteration itself is simple and uncomplicated. I have been using Boneco humidifiers for many years. But the main disadvantage is the laboriousness of the process of filling the water tank.

Continuous water supply to the ultrasonic humidifier. Next, mark the hole for the valve. Boneco only got the U300/U330. On the back of the filter housing, on a straight surface, in my case, at a distance of 11 cm from the upper cut of the housing. Drill a 16 mm hole and screw in the valve and collet. And then, once, I got tired of pouring the containers of two humidifiers twice a day. It is this method of pouring that can be transferred to a continuous supply. You will also need a float valve for the aquarium. And in my apartments and relatives I put. Not suitable for all models of humidifiers! Ali has a large selection, I took it with a collet connection of a plastic tube. In winter, they work for me to the fullest. Continuous supply of clean water to the humidifier.
A lot has been written about the benefits of maintaining a certain indoor humidity level. Minireport.

Pour water into the humidifier from a reverse osmosis filter, therefore, the softening filter in the humidifier is no longer needed, we throw it away.

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